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Our Story

   Greenhead homes was founded by a relationship that began when William and Barrett started working together around 2005 in the building industry. They had never met until this time but quickly developed a relationship built on friendship and trust.  Barrett moved on from that job to pursue an opportunity in his area of expertise, heating and air.  While they were no longer employed together, their friendship continued.  Similar interests and similar life goals sparked conversation, which eventually led to the idea of a partnership building new homes and doing home renovations.  One day, on a ten hour ride to Arkansas to hunt ducks in 2016, they  decided to make their dream a reality. Of course, the conversation quickly turned to “what do we name our company?”  Well, with a shared passion of the outdoors, especially hunting ducks,  Greenhead Homes would become the name of the company.  The company name represents the relationship and the passion they have for their work and play.


  I have lived in the Evans area since 1991.  I attended Evans High School where I played baseball, then went on to play baseball and graduate from Furman University in 1999.  I am married to my beautiful wife Keri and have three great children, Tyler, Ellis, and Mac.  Upon graduation from Furman, I accepted a job offer from a prominent local builder and was introduced to new home construction.  I spent 17 years with the same company where I gained tons of experience and knowledge.  I am very grateful for the time I spent there.  With a family to support, it was a tough decision to go into business for myself but it had always been a dream of mine, so we made the leap.  It has been great, I’m doing what I love to do and working hard to provide a great product for our customers.  I try to stay active in our community by giving back to kids in the form of coaching.  I have a passion for teaching kids the game of baseball and mentoring them as they develop into their teen years. Columbia county is my home and am excited about serving our community for years to come.

William Rowland

Founder & Co-Owner

Greenhead Homes

About Us

    I am originally from Macon GA where my family owned a Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC service business. While there, I spent those years learning all three trades. I managed all of our kitchen and bath remodels for the family business. In 2006, my family decided it was time to make a move and a job opportunity in Evans GA became available with a local builder. I spent five years learning the entire build process. When the market began to slow in 2008, I was asked by a local HVAC company to come provide them with assistance in sales and management. I ran their residential side of the business until deciding to partner with Greenhead Homes. William and I saw that the market needed a custom home builder that would provide quality work and put the customers first.  After spending many years in the service industry I learned that communication with the customer is the key to the process. 


      Since moving to Evans, my wife Josilyn and our kids, Riley and Wilson,  have become active in the community. I have coached varsity baseball and or football at three different high schools and one middle school. Coaching allows me to mentor kids and fuel my competitive fire. I have a passion for helping kids, building houses, and hunting. Columbia County has been the perfect fit for us. This area we call home provides us with many opportunities to explore all of the things I’m passionate about. I look forward to many years of home building in the area.  


Barrett Donnelly

Founder & Co-Owner

Greenhead Homes

How we do it!

Building a home may seem like a daunting task. However, with Greenhead you can rest assured that we've got you covered. In most cases the home building process is fun and exciting. 
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