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      First of all, thank you for considering Greenhead Homes to build your new home.  We also do home renovations and other smaller projects. We pride ourselves on customer service, honesty, and integrity during and after any project. There is a saying we always like to tell our customers, “We want to see you in the grocery store and not turn the other way,” and we do see our customers in the community all the time.   When you choose Greenhead Homes, you will experience personal attention from the two owners of the company.  We answer the phone, and believe in a strong line of communication during the project.  We have a great team of local trade partners in place to service all of your  construction needs from design to completion.   At Greenhead, building relationships is as important to us as building the home.

About Our Services

"We pride ourselves on customer service, honesty, and integrity during and after any project!"

     Building a new home can seem like a daunting endeavor.  Everyone has heard or experienced the horror stories many people have endured with a builder or contractor. With Greenhead Homes, the experience is fun and exciting.  The first thing we need is a piece of property to build on.  We are happy to consult with you before or during the land search.  With lots of experience evaluating and manipulating property for home sites, we can give you ideas and advice on choosing the perfect piece of property.  Once this part is complete we can help you with plans .  We have excellent relationships with several architects and we can help you through the plan drawing if needed.  You may have property already and ordered plans from the internet,  great, you are ready to go.  The first thing we like to do is meet face to face and see the property and the plan.  We like to meet with you to get an idea of your “must haves" and your taste in finishes. Generally we want to know what you are looking for in your new home.  We DO NOT price our homes on a square foot basis.  If a builder gives you a square foot price without sitting down with you to discuss what you want in detail, you are probably being way overcharged.  We take all aspects of the architectural detail, style of home, and your requests for finishes into our pricing.  This process often takes 2 or maybe 3 meetings.  Usually by our second or third meeting, we are close to being ready to get under contract.  

    Of course at some point we have to discuss financing.  We can finance home construction for you, or we can assist you in getting a construction loan.  All situations are different and we can discuss the finances in person.  Are you a veteran and are receiving VA financing or special grants? Good news! We love and appreciate our veterans and are a VA approved builder and will have no issues navigating the VA loan process. 

    Once we are under contract, you are anxious to get started.  The first month is a bit slow as we have to get through all the government red tape and permit process but this is a great time to visit our vendors and suppliers to begin the decorating and design of your new home.  You will meet with our trade partners at their respective locations and discuss the options available.  At Greenhead Homes, we believe in transparency as to where your hard earned money is being spent.  If you go to a vendor and exceed the allowance set forth,  you will simply pay the vendor the overage, there is no markup on our end.  We don’t  see where its’s appropriate to mark up your cabinets another percentage because you want to add spice racks or other upgraded options.  Our customers love the decorating process and customizing their unique and beautiful home.  We are always by your side for consultation and advice as you make these important decisions.  Communication is key to a smooth build, and we promise to do our part. We will have regular site meetings to discuss progress, concerns, and plan on what’s next.  When we have questions, we will consult with you before we move forward. Any overages will be discussed as we go and you will know upfront any costs associated with making changes from the plan or contract.

    As we near completion we will schedule a final walk through to note any concerns or deficiencies.  At this time you will be educated on all functions of the house, where all important things are located and how to use them.  Once you move in your beautiful new Greenhead Home, don’t worry, we will be there to assist you any way possible.  The only way our business will be successful is if we get referrals from our valued customers.  If we don’t see the job to completion, we wont get that good referral.  Our customers are everything to us and we strive to make you feel that way.  When we are done, you will be proud of your new home knowing you got your money’s worth in quality and service.  

The Process

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